Top Mistakes When Buying Replacement Windows

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when replacing their windows is choosing the wrong brand. Buying an off-brand replacement window can be cheaper but you’ll pay for the installation mistakes if you have a major problem with the window after installation. Instead, stick to a well-known brand with energy-efficient windows and a guarantee for installation work. When it comes to choosing replacement windows, you should also consider the different finishes available and the maintenance requirements.

There are many things to remember when removing the old window. The most important step is not to tear down the old window unless you’re absolutely sure it fits properly. Otherwise, you might have to race inside to grab a tool. If the new window isn’t level, you could break the sash glass. Another mistake is to push out a heavy piece of wood stuck in the frame. Before attempting to remove the old window, remember to check for any plumbing or electrical wires before starting the process.

Another mistake people make is ordering replacement windows that are too big or too small. This leads to gaps between the replacement and the existing window, which causes water damage. It also allows draughts to enter the house. Oversized windows also detract from the appearance of the house and may damage the window frames. If the new replacement is too large, it can cause problems as well. If you have an oversized replacement, make sure you check the measurements before you buy it.

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