Facts About Welding Careers

Welding careers are in demand everywhere. From building bridges to windmills, from oil and gas to defense products, welders are needed in virtually every industry. In fact, welding was used by humans as early as 3000 B.C. The technology is so advanced that evidence of welding can be found in ancient Egyptian tombs. Even if we don’t see any evidence of welding today, we’ll need it one day.

Those who become welders can expect to earn between $10k and $15k per year. Many industries are in need of welders and will pay top dollar for certified professionals. Welding jobs can be stable, long-term careers or project-based positions with potential future projects. Some welders choose to work as rig welders, where they are their own boss and can be their own boss. In this position, they earn as much as $100 per hour, but assume higher responsibility.

The best part about welding is that the pay is quite good. Welders earn more than average and there are numerous positions available. Higher-level positions, such as manager, will allow you to earn more. Traveling is another benefit of welding careers. The processes involved in welding are similar worldwide, so they are in demand all over the world. For this reason, welding careers are ideal for international travelers. Moreover, welders can travel anywhere, because the welding industry is in demand around the world.

In terms of salary, welding jobs offer excellent compensation and benefits packages. They also provide room for career advancement. Highly skilled welders can land lucrative jobs in industries such as submarine welding, ship repair, and military support, pipeline installation, and motorsports. This career can be a lucrative choice for those who are passionate about traveling and pursuing a new challenge. It is also an extremely satisfying one and a great way to earn a great income.