How do I get a new LPG gas line?

LPG is a household fuel that is commonly used by many households on a daily basis for a variety of purposes. For many years, liquefied petroleum gas has been used as a fuel. Cylinders are used to deliver gas to homes. In India, three primary production and supply companies are responsible for the task. Hindustan Petroleum, Indane, and Bharat Gas are the companies. LPG cylinders have also been used as part of various government policies that provide gas to rural areas in order to reduce pollution and provide better services to rural Urdughr households.

To obtain a new LPG gas connection, follow these steps:

The new gas connection is now easily accessible via online portals. The procedure does not take long. It is possible to complete it while sitting at home and relaxing superstep.

The procedure is straightforward:

  • The first and most important step is to open the web portal of the person’s chosen gas service provider. After visiting the website, they must click on the “get new connection” option and carefully read all of the steps.
  • A valid account on the website is required before the process can begin. To continue, the person must open the website and click on the create a new account and log in button.
  • Payments can now be made through online portals using various methods such as debit cards, credit cards, net banking, and so on.

Required documentation:

The process of obtaining a new gas connection is incomplete unless all required documents are completed. The materials must be scanned and submitted in accordance with the requirements.

The following documents are on the list of must-haves:

Documents Serving as Identification:

Individuals can use a list of materials as proof of identity, and gas companies accept it. Before uploading, this proof of identity must be checked against the list of tests that are acceptable. The file size is also specified, which should be checked before uploading the files.

  • PAN Number
  • Aadhaar car
  • Driving Permit
  • A photo ID issued by the Indian government.

Documents Serving as Proof of Address:

Any of the documents listed below can be used as proof of address and are accepted by the government. The address proof also has a size requirement that must be met.

  • Driver’s Permit
  • Ration book
  • Aadhaar card
  • House Registration Certificate
  • Any recent utility bills, such as an electric/telephone/water bill.
  • Passbook for a bank
  • Statement for the current debit or credit card.
  • Passport-size photos

The process of applying for gas connection is quite simple and time saving, all you need is required information and documents ready. Like that of gas connection you can apply for employment card, shramik card, ration card and many more.