No Sweat Wig Liners

No Sweat Liners are an essential accessory for any serious wig wearer. Designed to help keep the wearer cool and dry, these headwear liners are packed in convenient packages of 10 liners. The unique wicking system draws perspiration away from the skin and into the liner. The result is a dry, comfortable wig that does not shift or smell bad. This no sweat wig liner can last up to 14 days and is easily disposable.

It’s very easy to over-style a wig in the summer months. Perspiration can seep through the cap and make it look limp. Perspiration is also a potential cause of damage to UV rays, styling products, and sun. Most people wash their hair more frequently during the summer, so this can further harm a wig. In addition, excessive sweat can cause a wig to smell bad. No sweat wig liners prevent this problem by letting air circulate under the cap and stopping perspiration.

In addition to no sweat wig liners, there are also wig bands made of thin fabric. These bands are meant to eliminate the pressure of a wig cap. They also make the wig more comfortable. In addition to the no sweat wig liner, wig wearers should also remember to dry their wigs regularly to prevent moisture build-up. Heat and humidity can damage your wig, so it is very important to store your wig in a cool room.

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